Libby Shoop

Professor of Computer Science

Professional Profile


I primarily teach the following courses:

  • Core Concepts in Computer Science  (Introductory level)
  • Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures (Second course in CS major)
  • Software Development in Teams
  • Computer Systems Organization
  • Database Systems
  • Parallel and Districuted Computing
  • Computational Biology (currently a Synthetic Biology theme)

Scholarly Endeavors


I am one of three principle investigators on an NSF-funded project we call CSInParallel, whose goal is to transform undergraduate computer science education by enabling CS educators to add parallel and distributed computing oncepts and skills into all levels of the computer science curriculum.

Data and Computation Fundamentals

My colleague Danny Kaplan and I are developing and will be co-teaching a new required short course for science majors that will provide data analysis and visualizrion skiills to all science majors at Macalester.

Mac IT Scholars

I am co-PI on an NSF funded grant that provides scholarships to computer science majors and minors at Macalester in an effort to help them become computer science leaders and contributers to research and the workforce after graduation.

Professionsal Societies

I am a member of IEEE Computer Society and ACM.  I am very active in the ACM special interest group on computer science education (SIGCSE).

Current Project